What Can I Do ?

What can I do ?

Plenty! If you want to help our campaigning efforts, please make sure you update your profile (link at the end of each newsletter we send out) so we know how you’d like to help.

If you have time/skills to offer to help manage our campaigning, please see the Situations Vacant section below. You may feel you can contribute to a particular task, but don’t want to take on too much. We’d still love to hear from you, and invite you to be part of a working group on that task.

Individual action

In the run-up to the ‘Meaningful vote’ on the Draft Withdrawal Agreement, keep writing to your MP! Ask him/her to

  • vote against the deal
  • support a People’s Vote

You may feel that your MP won’t, or is very unlikely to, do as you ask. We are told that MPs are talking among themselves about all the mail they are receiving on this issue, so it all helps.

Talk to family, friends, neighbours. If they feel the same as you, get them to write to their MPs also.

Helping our campaign

We can use lots of help! Please email us if you can help with one of these by clicking on the ‘Contact us’ link following the relevant item – this should help us deal with your kind offer more efficiently. Thank you!

Situations vacant

Social media: monitoring social media pages and disseminating useful information; receiving information from committee members and others and posting on SM.
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Leafleting coordinator: using guidance supplied by head office/the committee, coordinate leafleting actions. This will included submitting text (we can supply the format required if needed) for mailings to be sent out via MailChimp asking for volunteer helpers.
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Supplies coordinator: Finding out what is available (e.g. leaflets published by head office), what is needed on the ground (e.g. leaflets for a forthcoming stall in a particular location), and making any arrangements needed.
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