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Thank you for signing up to receive mailings from Norfolk for Europe. The enthusiasm for European membership has clearly not been killed off by the large Tory victory in the December 2019 election.
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Whether you’re superstitious or not, Friday 13th December 2019 was a very bad day for anyone wanting to be associated with a group with ‘for Europe’ in its name. So who are we and what have we been doing since we were set up in early 2018?

About Norfolk for Europe

Norfolk for Europe was created with two main aims:

  • To campaign for a vote on the final Brexit deal for the general public with the option of remaining in EU.
  • To have constructive conversations with people who may have voted Leave, and uncertain voters, to persuade them that remaining in the EU is best for them and best for our country.

We have been working with other grassroots groups similar to our own up and down the country, meeting regularly and collaborating with other East of England pro-European groups. Our focus for much of the last two years has been on campaigning for a People’s Vote, and in the last two months of 2019 to help with the electoral campaign of candidates favouring a People’s Vote.

You can read our latest mailing here. If you use social media please keep an eye on our main Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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As well as your name and email, we ask on the sign-up form for your constituency. It is very helpful to know the distribution of our network of members and supporters, especially when we are running campaign activities close to or in each constituency.

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If you haven’t already done so (and thank you if you have), please consider becoming a member of Norfolk for Europe. It costs £10/year, which not only helps fund our activities but also gives our grassroots voice greater authority.

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Norfolk for Europe committee