Trust and truth in GE 2019

Trust and truth in GE 2019

The subject of trust has come up again and again in this campaign. Candidates have been laughed at. Boris Johnson has been challenged numerous times on whether we can trust what he says and what he promises.

We thought it might be useful to add a page linking to some useful sources of analysis and some fact-checking resources. We will be adding to it – suggestions welcome to

Can we trust what we read and hear? has thoroughly fact-checked the party manifestos.
An article in the Financial Times warns that “Boris John’son’s lies are plunging Britain into a dark morass”
The New York Times has written about ‘Britain’s Dirty Election‘ : “Pity British voters because they are being subjected to a barrage of distortion, dissembling and disinformation without precedent in the country’s history. Long sentimentalized as the home of “fair play,” Britain is now host to the virus of lies, deception and digital skulduggery that afflicts many other countries across the world. “


This has become a leading issue.
From the horse’s mouth at, who have produced a useful and informative video.

Testing the mud-slinging

An interesting analysis of the anti-semitism accusations targeted at the Labour Party. Are the Conservatives in the clear? The blog Urban Ramblings thinks not.