Tactical voting

Tactical voting

You have 9 days left to make your voting choice (unless you’ve already voted by post). What are your options? We hear a lot about tactical voting, but what’s best in each individual seat? Here at Norfolk we are keeping a close eye on the new information as it comes in and as it influences the tactical voting recommendations.

Our advice

Please take the time to read our advice page carefully and weigh up the recommendations.
(Health warning: it links to a very useful website entitled Compare the Tacticals, but this also includes clearly pro-Brexit recommendations!)

Please be prepared to hold your nose!

All the indications suggest that the results will be very close in marginal seats.
The main prize for all supporters of a People’s Vote is to ensure that we return the highest possible number of candidates who will support a People’s Vote in the next Parliament. The Parliament may be so divided that it might not achieve much more than that. However, if the polls speak truth and a majority are now in favour of Remain, then the spectre of Brexit can be cleared off the political agenda. Result! And, as all the parties rightly say, we can then move on to the important stuff.
To achieve this, some of us will have to vote against our normal affiliation and instinctive preference. Eyes on the prize!


If you really can’t bear the thought of following the voting advice (and some will understandably feel like that), but don’t want either to waste your vote or compromise the People’s Vote candidate in your constituency, you could consider vote-swapping – it looks like a really helpful system.