Programme Motion vote at 7.15 tonight

Oct 22, 2019

Programme Motion vote at 7.15 tonight

The most important Parliamentary vote today (due about 7.15pm) is on the programme motion which attempts to railroad the WAB through Parliament in less than 3 days. If it’s defeated, then 31/10 is off and PV amendment then much more likely.
So please EMAIL and TWEET MPs asking them to vote AGAINST the programme motion.
A few arguments to use:

  1. The WAB is the most significant piece of legislation, with the most profound political and economic impact on all of lives, to have been considered by Parliament since 1973. It needs proper scrutiny.
  2. That scrutiny needs time.
  3. It’s already emerged that goods moving from NI to GB will need export paperwork. Even Brexit Secretary was not aware of this until yesterday. Other similar issues will only be identified after thorough and proper scrutiny.
  4. WAB has been given less parliamentary time than the Wild Animals in Circuses Act which affected 19 (yes, 19!) wild animals!
  5. Scrutinising legislation is the essence of Parliament’s role.
  6. To even attempt to railroad this act through is to treat the whole concept of Parliamentary sovereignty with contempt.

Caroline Lucas has helpfully pinpointed the No Deal danger lurking in the bill – an argument likely to appeal to any conservatives who are not keen Brexiters. We want to make sure that our local Norfolk MPs know that they do not have the support of local constituents and we therefore ask that you prioritise an urgent email to them now via

As before when you have lobbied our Norfolk MPs, if you have time for more, please also look at this message sent out by the Milton Keynes group listing wavering Labour MPs – they are crucial targets for Boris Johnson to recruit to his side. If you can write to any of the MPs listed that will be much appreciated. MPs seem to check their devices frequently while in the chamber, so messages reach them all the time.