Not another one…!

Not another one…!

We need to pause the transition period!

The country’s top priority is to recover from the effects of Covid-19. It’s a huge task and nothing matters more and we’ll need time to achieve it. It will take time to re-start the economy; time to get people back to work; and time to adapt to long-term social distancing. We do not need a clock ticking loudly in the background counting down the remaining transition period. We do not want Father Time removing the bails on 31 December, crying: “game over!”

The time to act is now!

If there’s no trade deal at the end of the year, we crash out of the European Union without one. Business is not prepared for that, neither is agriculture. Government can avoid the chaos by extending the transition period by up to two years. But we have only until 30 June to persuade the government to ask the EU for that extension.

‘One Crisis At A Time’ is designed to engage the wider community impacted by a no-deal Brexit: in other words, you!

To help you write to your MP, local paper and businesses there are facts and sample letters in answers to frequently asked questions below.

Why pause the transition process?
What is the Withdrawal Agreement?
What is the UK-EU negotiating timetable?
Is it possible to extend the transition period?
What do ‘No Deal’ and ‘WTO’ mean?
What risks does ‘No Deal’ pose?
What is the EU’s position? What does the UK want to achieve?
What should I write to my MP and local newspaper?

What are the best hashtags and links to follow?
Is there a petition I can sign?
Answers to these FAQs take you to an external website.

One Crisis At A Time is a campaign by and for members of pro EU groups registered with UKPEN and Grassroots for Europe and their network of community associates. Norfolk for Europe is promoting it as part of the European Movement’s #PauseTheTransition campaign.

Our heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers who have generously contributed their time and considerable experience to compile this campaign resource page.