Messages to MPs from Norwich

Messages to MPs from Norwich

On Saturday, visitors to the Norfolk for Europe stall in Norwich were invited to leave a Brexit message for their MP. Here are the results – to view click the images to open a separate tab and zoom. Transcription of selected messages follow the scans.

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it! REMAIN!!!

Do not declare war on your own country! Cancel Brexit!

Let my children have the same benefits I had.

Second referendum given the incompetent way Brexit is being managed.

Let’s get on with Brizit [sic]

[Clive] Hold Corbyn to account. Get him to bend and bring leadership and vision to a peoples vote/remain campaign (Labour member)

Why continue in a corrupt failing organisation? Where will the EU be in 5 years – down the PAN!

We need to avoid the cliff edge and the impact it will have on this country. No deal is not an option. It’s already been proved that the leave campaign was corruptly funded. We need to remain and reform from the inside.

[Keith] Second referendum please. Now all the people that believed the LIES told by senior members of your party (M. Gove, B. Johnson) and voted leave can see what it involves. Not all wrinklies were taken in! (GW 67 – an ardent remainer)

What a bloody mess! Brexit should not mean any ‘no deal’ – let people vote.

We’ve tried for two years to negotiate Brexit and failed. Let’s scrap Brexit – it’s a disaster!

Democracy only works if people know what they’re voting for!!

Brexit is becoming a disaster; the generations that have to live with it didn’t vote for it.

Let’s walk away from the bullies in Europe with a no deal. We can stand on our own – as Churchill said “There should be a united Europe but Great Britain should never be part of it”.

[Clive] Love what you are doing on climate and green issues, but the fate of the country depends on laws to protect the enviromnment. And Europe is where we need to be for that, We need a people’s vote.

[Clive] I’m 31 and have voted Labour for as long as I can remember. I am going to struggle to continue voting for you if Labour is not in favour of a second referendum. and doesn’t stop the playground politics. Please protect our futures by giving us a choice now we have the facts.

[Clive] Please get off the fence and support the remainers before it is too late and we leave the EU. It is what your supporters in Norwich want.

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