March with Us for a People’s Vote this Saturday

Oct 16, 2019

March with Us for a People’s Vote this Saturday

Meeting point for the People’s Vote March on 19 October

We’ve had to book an extra coach for Saturday’s march to meet the demand! If you still need to book your seat, best to do so quickly! In London we shall meet up with those travelling separately, in on a group by train from Norwich and West Norfolk – the links take you to the Facebook pages (visible to all, not just Facebook users) that tell you which trains marchers are travelling on. We look forward to representing Norfolk in force!

Parliament will be sitting – a truly exceptional event that gives us a golden opportunity to speak our message loud and clear. Do you have a good placard ready? The best ones are personal, perhaps with an eye-catching simple image, and with a LARGE, LEGIBLE message in few words. 

Whether you’re coming on the coach or train with us, or travelling separately, please come and march with us. Armed with our Norfolk for Europe banners and wearing our Norfolk for Europe T-shirts and hoodies (see below), we’ll be meeting at the 7 July Memorial – it seems particularly and sadly appropriate as the hate agenda is being stoked all around us.

July 7th Memorial