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Tactical Voting Guidance – Norwich training for People’s Vote campaigners and volunteers

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Following the recent launch of by People’s Vote HQ we have training for volunteers that must start ASAP.  You will see from the website map that Norwich North has been highlighted and this is where we have been asked to start.
If you want to be part of developing the most effective team of volunteers possible to win a People’s Vote, then this is the event for you. Successful door to door campaigning is the key to our success.
Whether you are new to campaigning or experienced, this training event is for you.
This training event on Tuesday 22 October is part A of two parts. Part B is on Tuesday 29 October, 5.30–7.30pm.

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People’s Vote March on 19 October

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Parliament will be sitting – a truly exceptional event that gives us a golden opportunity to speak our message loud and clear.

Whether you’re coming on the coach or train with us, or travelling separately, please come and march with us. Armed with our Norfolk for Europe banners and wearing our Norfolk for Europe T-shirts and hoodies, we’ll be meeting at the 7 July Memorial in Hyde Park.

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March for Change – July 20th

When the UK first narrowly voted to leave in 2016, the promise was that we would leave with a better deal. Three years later, we could be heading for no deal at all.

From the climate crisis to tax dodging, we know that working together gives us the best chance of solving the global problems we face. We want to put Brexit behind us and reunite the people. Reunite with Europe. We want to build a better Britain in a better Europe and a better world.

March with us on July 20th and be part of the fight for a better future!

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Ongoing Activities

If you are willing to visit your own or another neighbourhood with leaflets, please contact your constituency lead, via one of the email links below, to let us know. We may be able to suggest places near you where leafleting might be particularly effective.

Please let us know where you can leaflet and how many leaflets you think you could distribute. We will aim to get them to you asap. Please click on your constituency below to create an email to the constituency lead.

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Celebrations of the EU across Norfolk

In Norwich, on Thursday 10th for Europe Day, we handed out free EU-themed cakes and had good conversations. We met encouraging numbers of people planning to vote the right way. Now we need to ensure that there are lots more! 

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Hansa Flag Day in King’s Lynn

In a very sunny and cheerful King’s Lynn, we celebrated cooperation across Europe and the cultural diversity we enjoy, as well as the part Britain played, historically, in the very successful Hanseatic League.

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People’s Vote March

On March 23rd six coaches, including one sponsored by Delia Smith, left Norwich with campaigners travelling to London for the People’s Vote march. Numbering 1 million, from Speakers Corner to Parliament Square, a slowly moving, wall to wall, river of people marching in friendship, solidarity and good humour.

Click to see photos from Norfolk for Europe Marchers

Wherever the political situation, we must leave Parliament in no doubt that we think Norfolk is best served by staying in the EU and that we want a Final Say on Brexit.