Our mission statement

The European Union has been one of the most successful peace projects in history, helping to cement cooperation and friendly relationships between European nations whilst spreading prosperity, democracy, culture and freedoms across our continent.Norfolk for Europe is therefore committed to restoring the UK’s place in the European family of nations. We will do this by:

  • campaigning for the UK to have the closest possible relationship with the European Union, including by eventually re-joining the European Union;
  • identifying and promoting ways in which the UK and its EU partners can act together as a counterweight to increasing global power by other powerful states such as China, the USA, Russia and India;
  • promoting ways to enable simpler, friction-free trade in goods and services, and wider opportunities for local commerce, employment, culture & tourism;
  • championing our European identity and the values of the European Union, including the promotion of peace, prosperity and the environment, as core concepts for the benefit of Norfolk;
  • defending the rights of European Union citizens in the UK and UK citizens living in the European Union;
  • promoting a greater understanding of the UK’s historic, present and future interdependence with the other countries of Europe;
  • campaigning for systemic political reform in the UK, including electoral reform and cross-party cooperation, and in particular for proportional representation in local and national elections; and
  • providing a focus, resources and events for pro-Europeans in Norfolk.

We will work closely with other local, regional, national and international organisations which share our aims. We will also seek to collaborate with other campaigns who share some or all of our values, including our commitment to internationalism, democracy and free speech.

Norfolk for Europe is affiliated to the following organisations:

The European Movement
Standing up for European rights, standards and values in the UK.

You can join our campaigning by signing up via the link below.

March for Change
Defending the UK’s NHS, environmental and agri-food standards as well as citizens rights and freedoms in the upcoming US trade negotiation, and advocating for the closest possible relationship with our friends and allies in Europe.